Titancraft is a turnkey software solution company to the iGaming industry. We provide our clients with the advanced tools and tailored software solution to maximise the competitiveness and profits on the market: We provide TitanX, the sports betting exchange product, driven by cutting edge technology and focus on offering value back to the players and no risk for the operators. TitanSport, the most competitive sportsbook with the best odds on the market. Dynamic Partner System, allowing the operators to rapidly grow up the business.

Betting exchange model allows the operators to stably make the profit without risk. With the best price and liquidity offering in the industry, and express betting setting, provide the players the ultimate betting experience. Operators can also flexibly lever the DPS to manage the exposure and profit.

Most competitive margins: While some comparison sites measure our payouts, others measure our margins, the result is the same – we consistently come out on top. For major soccer markets like the EPL, our margins are 2% compared to an industry average of 6%.Through our odds management system, the operators remain profit even against the professional players.

Dynamic Partner System (DPS) allows the operators and their downlines to adjust the leverage which provide the ultimate flexibility to change their position taking: you can simply one click to switch the role between operator, player and service provider. The comprehensive functions of DPS with our sport products will attract more agents to your platform.