Complete Sports Betting Solution

GB Sportsbook (‘Globe Betting’ Sportsbook) covers over 10,000 Live matches per month, plus more than 23 kinds of popular sports worldwide and over 750 different betting types. We bring you the best experience in sports betting product with fully customized for Bet Limit, Layout, Handicap, etc., which enables operators to run business of their own choosing. Furthermore, the very brand new and profitable e-sports is also included in GB Sports. With odds from trusted bookmakers, it is more beneficial to both operators and players in enjoying quick bet & settlement. GB Sportsbook is the best technology partnet if you plan to start or enhance a sports betting product.

  • Numorous Games to Bet

    15,000+ Real Live Monthly Events 25,000 Pre-Match Monthly Events 750+ Different Betting Types

  • 29+ Popular Sports Including

    Soccer, Baseketball, e-Sports, Virtual Sports, Special Outright, to name a few

  • Risk & Fraud Management

    Our professional teams will pro-actively anticipate issues to minimise risk exposure caused from unusual players' activities.

  • Single Wallet System

    We enable quick bet & settlement after game results are settled.

  • Unlimited Parlays

    Without limitation, players can easily earn a higher payout if all of their picks win than they would have betting each one individually.

  • Cash-Out

    GB Sportsbook allows players to sell the whole or portion of their bet tickets before the game results are determined.

  • Live Match Tracker & Scouting

    Players can feel more joyful while making betting decisions.

  • RWD Development

    All content, design and performance are necessary across all devices.

  • Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

    We support 5+ currencies and languages