Getting Started

Creating An Account

To create a TitanCraft account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Login in the top right corner.
  2. Click Create Account under the login fields.
  3. Enter your name, email address and password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Then click Create My Account.
  4. Verify your email address. An email will be automatically sent to your email to verify your TitanCraft account. If you don’t receive an email after a few minutes, click on Re-send verification email.
  5. After verifying your account, you are now ready to use TitanCraft!
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Saving Characters

Saving characters on TitanCraft operates like most other computer programs. In the menu in the lower right, you will find the options to Save, Save-As and Rename your character. You can also use shortcut keys which we have listed below.

  • Save (ctrl+s): saves the character. If it is the first time you are saving the character you will be prompted to enter a name.
  • Save As (ctrl+shift+s): saves the current character as a new character with a new name. This creates a new save file and does not affect the original character.
  • Rename (ctrl+r): renames and saves the current character with the updated name. This does NOT create a new save file and will overwrite the original character.
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My Characters

My Characters is the place where all your saved characters live. You can access My Characters by clicking the menu in the lower right of the editor, and then selecting My Characters. From this menu you can Load, Duplicate or Delete a character.

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Sharing Characters

The share character feature allows you to share your creations with your friends!

Note: This feature creates a link that others can use to load up a custom mini in the TitanCraft editor. Distribution of STL files is prohibited.

To share a character:

  1. Save the character. This is technically not required, but strongly recommended. You can save the character using the menu in the lower right, or by pressing ‘ctrl + s’.
  2. Click the Share button in the lower left corner, or click the Share button found in the menu in the lower right.
  3. Click and drag to position your character thumbnail. Then click ‘Ok’.
  4. Tada! You now have a link you can use to share your custom character.

Be sure to tag us @titancraftminis. We love to see your creations!

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Pose Presets

Pose presets are a quick and easy way to pose your character. They can also be used as good starting points for more complicated poses made in Advance Pose mode.

Pose Presets are found under Pose -> Pose Presets (1). Compatible parts of a character with pose presets are listed on the left side of the main customization menu (2).

Cycling through poses on a single part

To quickly cycle through pose presets on a single part:

  1. Select a part (such as a wing).
  2. Click any of the different pose presets listed in the main customization menu.

Applying one pose to multiple parts

To apply a specific pose preset to multiple parts at the same time:

  1. Select the desired pose preset in the main customization menu.
  2. Compatible parts will be highlighted in blue. Click on all parts you want the pose preset to be applied to.
  3. Click Done or doubleclick off the model in the editor.
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Advance Pose Mode

Advance pose mode gives the user full control over posing a character by providing rotation, scale and movement control on individual bones. To learn more about Advance Pose Mode, including Keyboard Shortcuts, check out our Help Topics found at the bottom of the Advance pose menu.

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The Sizing tab allows you to control the overall size of your character (1) and individual proportions of a character’s body (2).

The Sizing tab displays as a convenient 1” x 1” (25mm x 25mm) grid (3). Each 1” (25mm) square is subdivided into 0.5” (12.5mm) increments (4). A standard 28mm is also provided for reference.

To adjust the overall size of your character, use the Base Size slider found under Sizing->Base.

To adjust individual proportions of your character, use the sliders found under Sizing->Character.

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Clip Bottom

The following only applies to Physical Orders.

Any part of a character that is below the ground will be clipped off for physical orders. To help visualize which parts of a character will be clipped off, you can toggle on/off Clip Bottom using the Gear Icon in the lower left of the editor.

Clipping is used to help make characters stand flat, or in the case for some monsters to make them look like they are breaching the surface. If you do not want your character to be clipped make sure all parts are above the ground.

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Adding Multiple Characters

With TitanCraft it is now possible to add and manage multiple characters in the scene. With this new feature you can create simple dioramas, turn anything into a mount or even kitbash monsters.

To add an additional character to the scene click on the plus icon found in the upper left corner of the editor. You can then add a new character or one of your saved characters to the scene.

To switch which character you are actively customizing, simply click on the character you want to edit.

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Unlimited Digital Downloads

Unlimited Downloads -- Asset Packs

Asset Packs / Monster Packs contain groups of assets at a discounted rate. When you purchase an asset pack / monster pack you unlock all the assets in that pack. After unlocking those assets you can download them as many times as you’d like without ever having to pay for them again!

Unlimited Downloads -- Pay Per Part

We also provide the option to buy individual parts at checkout. Assets purchased in this manner are unlocked for unlimited future use, but they will cost a little more than if you were to buy them in an Asset Pack.

One Time Downloads

For complicated kitbashed monsters we also include the option to download the monster once for $10. This option does NOT unlock the assets used on the particular monster.

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High Resolution Downloads

Downloaded files from TitanCraft are high resolution and error free. In order to improve TitanCraft’s performance as a web based application, the model you see in the editor is actually an image wrapped over a low resolution version of the model. Sometimes when posing your custom miniature you may encounter some dark spots that look like holes, but it’s nothing to worry about! The file you download is highly detailed and watertight.

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Have a question or suggestion? Chat with us on Discord or email us at [email protected].