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Your designs, shipped to you.
No 3D printer? No problem!
You design your miniature - we'll take care of the rest.

We print in high-detail gray resin that shows remarkable detail both in photos and in person.

Printed minis are paintable (you'll want to prime them first) and sturdy enough to withstand normal tabletop use. Please note that 3D prints are not as durable as injection molded minis and may break if dropped.


We have the best prices for physical miniatures out of any of our competitors!

Custom resin miniatures start at $15.

For large miniatures, cost is directly related to volume, so you control the cost by how large you make your mini / how many parts you put on. Think frozen yogurt.

Graphic is for illustration purposes only

We don't artificially inflate our prices. When you buy miniatures from us, you are always charged the fairest price possible.


Miniatures generally take 4-5 weeks to arrive after placing your order.

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