TitanCraft Merchant License Agreement

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The TitanCraft Merchant License grants the right to sell physical 3D prints of all TitanCraft models created using TitanCraft.

By purchasing the TitanCraft Merchant License, the Merchant is explicitly entering into an agreement with TitanCraft, a subsidiary of DesktopHero LLC under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only physical 3D prints may be sold.
    1. Metal cast miniatures created using 3D prints are allowed provided they abide by part XI of this agreement.
  2. Digital files are not included in this agreement, and shall not be sold or otherwise distributed.
  3. This license covers all assets that belong to any of the standard TitanCraft asset packs or monsters. A standard pack is one that is owned by TitanCraft and visible to all users by default.
  4. While the Merchant’s rights are active, their account will have access to all assets that belong to any of the standard TitanCraft asset packs or monsters.
  5. There is no quantitative limit to the number of physical miniatures a Merchant can sell while their rights are active.
  6. Merchant rights start immediately after purchasing the TitanCraft Merchant License and agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed in this agreement, and shall expire at the end of the purchased duration.
  7. If the Merchant lets their rights expire, the Merchant may keep previously exported STL files for personal use only, and forfeits their rights to sell physical prints.
  8. Minor modifications of exported STL files using other 3D modeling software are allowed under the following conditions:
    1. Minor modifications include simple sculpting edits such as (i)resizing, (ii)repositioning, (iii)smoothing & creasing or (iv)splitting.
    2. Modifications that import non TitanCraft models are not allowed.
    3. Modified files fall under this agreement’s terms, including that the digital file shall not be sold or otherwise distributed.
    4. TitanCraft shall not be responsible for any alterations, modifications or additions made to the exported STL files.
  9. The Merchant shall not create or sell models that infringe on another party’s intellectual property. The Merchant is fully responsible for any claims, damages or losses that may arise from creating a model that infringes on another party’s intellectual property.
  10. This agreement does not include rights to use TitanCraft models as part of a board game or other similar product.
  11. Molds used as a means of mass production are excluded from this agreement and shall not be used.

If the Merchant wishes to maintain their rights after their rights have expired, it is their responsibility to renew their license.

Failure to comply with this Agreement’s terms shall result in the suspension or termination of the Merchant’s TitanCraft account.

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