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Epic Monsters Bundle

This bundle unlocks all of the 40+ monsters currently available on TitanCraft.

  • Aboleth
  • Balor (+demon)
  • Bear
  • Chimera
  • Cyclops
  • Dragon
  • Air Elemental
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Water Elemental (2 variants)
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Giant (storm giant + hill giant)
  • Griffon
  • Green Hag
  • Sea Hag
  • Night Hag
  • Hydra
  • Kraken (2 variants)
  • Mimic Archway
  • Mimic Chair
  • Mimic Chest
  • Mimic Outhouse
  • Minotaur
  • Ocular Beast (3 variants)
  • Ooze
  • Owlbear
  • Highlands Owlbear
  • Owlbear Cub
  • Panther
  • Spiders (4 variants)
  • T-Rex
  • Treant (2 variants)
  • Troll
  • Wolf

Customizable monsters to populate your world or throw at your players! Each monster comes with default pose presets and is also fully posable using advanced pose mode.


  • Unlock assets. Assets become part of your library and are yours forever.
  • Unlimited STL exports. Create and export unlimited 3D printable files using assets you have unlocked. No additional payment required.
  • Ultimate savings. Save big by purchasing these monsters bundled vs unlocking them individually.


  • Future monster packs are not included in this bundle.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].
Asset Pack Savings: You save $246.75 by buying these assets in bulk (rather than individually).
Aboleth Contents
Aboleth Head No Teeth
Aboleth Head
Aboleth Body
Aboleth Body Spiked
Aboleth Body 2
Aboleth Tail Fin 1
Aboleth Tail Fin 3
Aboleth Tail Fin 2
Aboleth Tail Fin 4
Aboleth Tail Spike
Aboleth Fin 4
Aboleth Fin 5
Aboleth Fin 2
Aboleth Fin 3
Aboleth Fin 1
Aboleth Fin 7
Aboleth Fin 6
Aboleth Tentacle 1
Air Elemental Contents
Lightning Bolt
Tornado Hollow
Air Elemental Head 1
Air Elemental Head 2
Air Elemental Torso
Air Elemental Arm 2
Air Elemental Arm 1
Air Elemental Bottom
Balor/Fiend Contents
Balor Bone Sword
Balor Fire Sword
Balor Fire Whip
Balor Head
Balor Gargoyle Head
Balor Female Torso
Balor Body
Balor Arm
Balor 4 Finger Hand
Balor Hand
Balor Humanoid Leg
Balor Leg
Balor Wing 2
Balor Wing
Balor Tail
Balor Tongue
Balor Horn 3
Balor Horn 2
Balor Horn 1
Balor Fire Crown
Balor Shoulder Armor
Balor Shoulder Spike
Balor Shoulder Skull
Balor Breastplate F
Balor Breastplate
Balor Skull Necklace
Balor Skull Necklace F
Balor Shoulder Band
Balor Arm Bands
Balor Wrist Bands
Balor Ironclad Bracer
Balor Ironclad Bracer
Balor Chains Bracer
Balor Chains Bracer
Balor Loincloth Skull
Balor Loincloth Skull F
Balor Loincloth
Balor Loincloth F
Balor Leg Strap
Balor Leg Strap
Balor Leg Armor
Balor Leg Armor
Bear/Panther/Wolf Contents
Chimera Contents
Chimera Lion Head
Chimera Dragon Head
Chimera Goat Head
Chimera Torso Bare
Chimera Torso
Chimera Back Spikes
Chimera Back Fur
Chimera Back Leg
Chimera Front Leg
Chimera Back Leg Bare
Chimera Front Leg Bare
Chimera Wing
Chimera Snake Head Tail
Chimera Dragon Tail
Chimera Snake Skin Tail
Chimera Goat Hair
Chimera Goat Beard
Chimera Lion Tongue
Chimera Goat Tongue
Chimera Snake Tongue
Chimera Dragon Tongue
Chimera Goat Horn 1
Chimera Goat Horn 2
Chimera Dragon Horn 1
Dragon Contents
Dragon Head 2
Dragon Head 2 No Teeth
Dragon Head 1
Dragon Head 4
Dragon Head 3
Dragon Head 1 No Teeth
Dragon Head 3 No Teeth
Dragon Body 2
Dragon Body
Dragon Wing
Dragon Tail Spike Ball
Dragon Tail Spikes
Dragon Arrow Tail
Dragon Tail Fin
Dragon Tongue
Dragon Horn 1
Dragon Horn 8
Dragon Horn 4
Dragon Horn 9
Dragon Horn 3
Dragon Horn 6
Dragon Horn 2
Dragon Horn 5
Earth Elemental Contents
Rock 1
Rock 2
Rock 7
Rock 3
Crystal 2
Crystal 1
Rock 5
Rock 6
Rock 4
Earth Elemental Head 2
Earth Elemental Head 1
Earth Elemental Torso 1
Earth Elemental Torso 2
Earth Elemental Arm 1
Earth Elemental Arm 3
Earth Elemental Arm 2
Earth Elemental Leg 2
Earth Elemental Leg 1
Earth Elemental Leg 3
Rock Shoulder Armor
Fire Elemental Contents
Fire Elemental Sword
Flame 1a
Flame 1
Flame 4
Flame 2
Flame 3
Flame 1b
Fire Elemental Head
Fire Elemental Torso
Fire Elemental Arm
Fire Elemental Hand
Fire Elemental Flame Hand
Fire Elemental Bottom 2
Fire Elemental Bottom
Fire Elemental Helmet
Fire Elemental Shoulder Armor 2
Fire Elemental Shoulder Armor 1
Fire Elemental Armor
Fire Elemental Bracer 1
Fire Elemental Bracer 2
Giants Contents
Giants Two Handed Sword
Giants Two Handed Axe
Giants Two Handed Hammer
Giants Head 1
Giants Head 2
Cyclops Head
Hill Giant Body
Giant Body
Cyclops Horn
Giants Pauldron 2
Giants Pauldron 1
Giants Pauldron 3
Giants Chest Straps 1
Giants Chest Straps 1
Giants Armor 1
Giants Toga
Giants Chest Straps 2
Giants Chest Straps 2
Giants Arm Band
Giants Bracer 2
Giants Bracer 2
Giants Bracer 1
Giants Bracer 1
Giants Belt
Giants Belt
Giants Loincloth
Giants Loincloth
Giants Loincloth 2
Hill Giant Loincloth
Giants Kilt
Giants Kilt
Giants Knee Armor
Giants Leg Armor
Giants Shoes 1
Giants Greave 2
Giants Sandals 1
Giants Greave 1
Giants Shoes 3
Giants Shoes 2
Golems Contents
Iron Golem Sword
Clay Golem Axe
Flesh Golem Club
Stone Golem Hammer
Stitched Flesh Golem Head
Clay Golem Head
Stone Golem Head
Iron Golem Head
Bare Flesh Golem Head
Flesh Golem Torso
Stone Golem Torso
Clay Golem Torso
Iron Golem Torso
Iron Golem Arm 1
Stone Golem Arm
Iron Golem Arm 2
Flesh Golem Arm 1
Flesh Golem Arm 2
Clay Golem Arm
Flesh Golem Leg 1
Stone Golem Leg
Iron Golem Leg 1
Flesh Golem Leg 2
Clay Golem Leg
Iron Golem Leg 2
Flesh Golem Teeth
Golem Tongue
Stone Golem Pauldron
Iron Golem Pauldron
Flesh Golem Loincloth
Griffon Contents
Griffon Body
Griffon Wing
Griffon Tongue
Hags Contents
Foul Ursula's Staff
Salty Morgana's Staff
Wicked Agnes's Staff
Small Potion
Fan Shell
Spiral Shell
Conch Shell
Hag Head
Hag Body
Hag Torso
Hag Arm
Hag Hand
Hag Leg
Ursula's Updo
Morgana's Updo
Agnes's Updo
Ursula's Brow
Morgana's Brow
Jack-O-Lantern Head
Wicked Agnes's Headdress
Fish Scale Pauldron
Ursula's Shawl
Morgana's Coral Collar
Wicked Agnes's Shawl
Ursula's Undergrowth Dress
Agnes's Ceremonial Clothing
Foul Ursula's Dress
Morgana's Crusty Attire
Salty Morgana's Garb
Hag Undergarment Top
Wicked Agnes's Dress
Ursula's Bracelet
Ursula's Bracelet
Hag Undergarment Bottom
Wicked Agnes's Shoe
Wicked Agnes's Shoe
Morgana's Seaweed Anklet
Morgana's Seaweed Anklet
Foul Ursula's Shoe
Foul Ursula's Shoe
Hippogriff Contents
Mountain Hippogriff Head
Tropical Hippogriff Head
Hippogriff Head
Hippogriff Torso
Lil Feather Hippogriff Leg
Hippogriff Back Leg
Feathered Hippogriff Leg
Hippogriff Leg
Hippogriff Hairy Back Leg
Hippogriff Folded Wing
Hippogriff Wing
Bushy Horse Tail
Hydra Contents
Hydra Head 2
Hydra Head 1
Hydra Head 3
Hydra Neck Stump
Hydra Neck
Hydra Neck with Fin
Hydra Body
Hydra Front Leg
Hydra Back Leg
Hydra Tail
Hydra Tail with Fin
Hydra Tongue
Kraken Contents
Kraken Head 3
Kraken Head 2
Kraken Head 4
Kraken Head 1
Kraken Octopus
Kraken Torso
Kraken Crab Pincer
Kraken Fin Arm
Kraken Fin Leg
Kraken Tail
Kraken Back Fin
Kraken Tentacle 1
Kraken Tentacle 3
Kraken Tentacle 2
Kraken Shell 2
Kraken Shell 3
Kraken Shell 1
Kraken Horn 2
Kraken Horn 1
Mimics Contents
Mimic Throne Cushion
Mimic Archway
Mimic Chest
Mimic Outhouse
Mimic Outhouse Door
Mimic Throne
Mimic Chest Lid
Mimic Goo 1
Mimic Goo 2
Mimic Puddle
Mimic Eye 1
Mimic Eye 4
Mimic Eye 2
Mimic Eye 3
Mimic Gums 5
Mimic Gums 2
Mimic Gums 3
Mimic Gums 4
Mimic Gums 1
Mimic Masseter
Mimic Tooth 1
Mimic Tooth 4
Mimic Tooth 5
Mimic Tooth 2
Mimic Tooth 3
Mimic Tongue Long
Mimic Tongue Wide
Minotaur Contents
Minotaur Axe
Minotaur Body
Minotaur Hand
Minotaur Horn
Minotaur Pauldron
Minotaur Chest Straps 1
Minotaur Chest Straps 2
Minotaur Bracer 1
Minotaur Bracer 1
Minotaur Bracer 2
Minotaur Bracer 2
Minotaur Skirt 1
Minotaur Skirt 2
Minotaur Waist Armor 2
Minotaur Waist Armor 1
Minotaur Leg Armor
Minotaur Hoof Armor
Ocular Beasts Contents
Ocular Beast 3
Ocular Beast 2
Ocular Beast 1
Spike 1
Spike 2
Ocular Beast Eye Extender
Ocular Beast Tooth 9
Ocular Beast Tooth 3
Ocular Beast Tooth 4
Ocular Beast Tooth 5
Ocular Beast Tooth 2
Ocular Beast Tooth 6
Ocular Beast Tooth 8
Ocular Beast Tooth 7
Ocular Beast Tooth 1
Ogre Contents
Ogre's Hunting Spear
Ogre's Stone Club
Uprooted Tree Club
Ogre Head
Ogre Head 2
Ogre Body (F)
Ogre Body (M)
Ogre Arm
Ogre Hand
Barbarian Ponytail
Barbarian Ponytail
Barbarian Ponytail
Ogre Ear
Ogre Tusk Teeth
Ogre Teeth
Ogre Tongue
Wood Plank Shoulder Guard
Ogre's Leather Top
Ogre's Wooden Armor
Ogre's Wooden Armor
Ogre's Furs Top
Ogre's Furs Top
Wood Plank Arm Guard
Wood Plank Arm Guard
Ogre's Forearm Furs
Wood Plank Bracer
Ogre's Leather Arm Guard
Wooden Planks Loincloth
Ogre's Furs Loincloth
Ogre's Leather Loincloth
Ogre's Wooden Leg Armor
Leather Foot Strap
Ogre's Fur Leg Guard
Ogre's Fur Leg Guard
Leather Leg Guard
Ogre's Leather Leg Guard
Ogre's Wooden Shin Guard
Ogre's Wooden Shin Guard
Pile of Bones
Oozes Contents
Gelatinous Cube
Ooze Arm
Owlbears Contents
Lower Forearm Feathers
Owlbear Ornate Feather
Owlbear Head Feathers
Owlbear Feather Flare 2
Highlands Owlbear Shoulder Feathers
Owlbear Cub Back Feathers
Highlands Owlbear Neck Feathers
Owlbear Contour Feather
Owlbear Face Feathers
Owlbear Feather Flare
Owlbear Back Feathers
Highlands Owlbear Leg Feathers
Owlbear Tail Feather
Upper Forearm Feathers
Owlbear Feather Flare 3
Owlbear Cub Head
Highlands Owlbear Head
Owlbear Head
Owlbear Torso
Owlbear Cub Torso
Highlands Owlbear Torso
Highlands Owlbear Arm
Owlbear Hindleg Feathers
Highlands Owlbear Leg
Owlbear Foreleg Feathers
Owlbear Foreleg
Owlbear Cub Back Leg
Owlbear Cub Front Leg
Owlbear Hindleg
Highlands Owlbear Tail
Owlbear Feather Tail
Owlbear Cub Tail Feathers
Owlbear Tail
Owlbear Feather Bracer
Owlbear Feather Bracer
Spiders Contents
Party Maraca
Black Widow Abdomen
Tarantula Abdomen
Jumping Spider Abdomen
Black Widow Cephalothorax
Tarantula Cephalothorax
Armored Spider Abdomen
Armored Spider Cephalothorax
Jumping Spider Cephalothorax
Jumping Spider Pedipalp
Tarantula Pedipalp
Black Widow Pedipalp
Armored Spider Pedipalp
Hairy Spider Leg
Black Widow Leg
Armored Spider Leg
Armored Spider Fang
Jumping Spider Fang
Tarantula Fang
Black Widow Fang
Treant Contents
Owl Nest
Treant Face Mouth Concerned
Treant Face Eyes Angry
Treant Face Mouth Sad
Treant Face Eyes Happy
Treant Face Mouth Happy
Treant Head with Branches
Treant Head
Treant Face Eyes Concerned
Treant Humanoid Body
Treant Tree Body
Treant Arm Club
Treant Forearm
Treant Upper Arm Thick
Treant Upper Arm
Treant Arm Sword with Roots
Treant Arm Club with Roots
Treant Arm Sword
Treant Hand
Treant Leg 1
Treant Leg 2
Treant Leg 3
Treant Medium Foliage
Treant Branch 4
Treant Small Foliage
Treant Branch 3
Treant Branch 1
Tree Hollow
Tree Hollow 2
Treant Branch 2
Treant Large Foliage
Treant Beard
Treant Moustache
Treant Nose 1
Treant Nose 2
Treant Nose 3
Treant Nose 5
Treant Nose 6
Treant Nose 4
T-Rex Contents
Troll Contents
Troll Axe
Troll Bow
Troll Arrow
Troll Quiver
Troll Bun
Troll Bun
Troll Bun
Troll Shoulder Pad
Troll Shawl 3
Troll Shawl 1
Troll Shawl 2
Troll Bracer 1
Troll Bracer 3
Troll Bracer 2
Troll Loincloth
Troll Quiver (vaulted)
Water Elemental Contents
Water Splash 3
Water Splash 2
Water Splash 1
Water Elemental Wave
Water Elemental Body
Water Elemental Arm
Water Elemental Wave Hand
Water Elemental Hand