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Pure evil. Hags are powerful conjurers of magic, with ill intentions towards all of the mortal world. Don't be deceived by their feeble bodies which are but a shell containing their hatred and true power.

Customizable monster to populate your world or throw at your players! Comes with 3 beautifully sculpted outfits for Green, Night or Sea Hags, allowing you to create multiple variations. Each monster comes with default pose presets and is also fully posable using advanced pose mode.


  • Unlock assets. Assets become part of your library and are yours forever.
  • Unlimited STL exports. Create and export unlimited 3D printable files using assets you have unlocked. No additional payment required.
  • 3 highly detailed outfits. Create and export different hag variants using beautiful clothing options, hairstyles and staffs.
  • Staffs = Hero Compatible. Hag staffs are compatible with your hero characters.
  • Kitbashing friendly. The hag body has been split to parts and can be combined onto other hero or monster models using the All Parts feature.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Asset Pack Savings: You save $19.50 by buying these assets in bulk (rather than individually).
Hags Contents
Foul Ursula's Staff
Salty Morgana's Staff
Wicked Agnes's Staff
Small Potion
Fan Shell
Spiral Shell
Conch Shell
Hag Head
Hag Body
Hag Torso
Hag Arm
Hag Hand
Hag Leg
Ursula's Updo
Morgana's Updo
Agnes's Updo
Ursula's Brow
Morgana's Brow
Jack-O-Lantern Head
Wicked Agnes's Headdress
Fish Scale Pauldron
Ursula's Shawl
Morgana's Coral Collar
Wicked Agnes's Shawl
Ursula's Undergrowth Dress
Agnes's Ceremonial Clothing
Foul Ursula's Dress
Morgana's Crusty Attire
Salty Morgana's Garb
Hag Undergarment Top
Wicked Agnes's Dress
Ursula's Bracelet
Ursula's Bracelet
Hag Undergarment Bottom
Wicked Agnes's Shoe
Wicked Agnes's Shoe
Morgana's Seaweed Anklet
Morgana's Seaweed Anklet
Foul Ursula's Shoe
Foul Ursula's Shoe