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Sorcery Asset Pack

Magical items, outfits and spell effects for spellcasters!
Also includes 3 exclusive animal companions.


  • Unlock 90+ assets. Assets become part of your library and are yours forever.
  • Unlimited STL exports. Create and export unlimited 3D printable files using assets you have unlocked. No additional payment required.
  • Male and female compatible. Outfits can be applied to both male and female base models (or have a separate variation for each).


This asset pack is still being updated! The assets listed below are the ones that are currently available in the editor, but more are still being revamped / transferred from DesktopHero. Once they are uploaded, they will appear in your account automatically.

Future additions are free. Asset packs occasionally receive updates and additional items. Once you've purchased an asset pack, any assets added later are added to your library automatically.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Asset Pack Savings: You save $51.95 by buying these assets in bulk (rather than individually).
Sorcery Pack Contents
Witch Broom
Tech Staff
Arcane Orb Staff
Gnarled Wood Staff
Bejeweled Staff
Cosmic Staff
Beetle Horn Staff
Crow Scythe
Fire Staff
Beetle Horn Spear
Potion 4
Pile of Scrolls
Potion 1
Potion 3
Scroll (Unfurled)
Potion 7
Stack of Books
Potion 5
Gnarled Bird Stand
Full Cauldron
Potion 2
Potion 6
Open Book
Water Spell
Fire Blast
Mage Hand
Ice Blast
Fire Punch
Lightning Orb
Lightning Blast
Triple Power Blast
Magic Shield
Water Funnel
Power Blast
Smoke Magic
Skull Spell
Sorcerer Pack 1
Sorcerer Pack 2
Owl Wing
Cloth Turban
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 3
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 1 (vaulted)
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 1
Sorcerer Hood 1
Tall Sorcerer Hat 4
Tall Sorcerer Hat 3
Tall Sorcerer Hat 5
Simple Hood
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 2
Tall Sorcerer Hat 3
Tall Sorcerer Hat 1
Sorcerer Hood 2
Tall Sorcerer Hat 2
Broken Gnarled Mask
Gnarled Mask
Sorcerer Cape 2
Sorcerer Cape 1
Sorcerer Collar 3
Sorcerer Collar 4
Sorcerer Collar 2
Sorcerer Collar 1
Sorcerer Collar 5
Winter Scarf
Sorcerer Shirt 3
Sorcerer Shirt 3
Simple Robes
Simple Robes
Sorcerer Shirt 4
Sorcerer Shirt 4
Sorcerer Shirt 1
Sorcerer Shirt 1
Sorcerer Shirt 2
Sorcerer Shirt 2
Sorcerer Shirt 5
Sorcerer Shirt 5
Sorcerer Overskirt
Long Cloak
Long Cloak
Sorcerer Wide Overskirt
Tasseled Overskirt
Sorcerer Cloak
Sorcerer Cloak
Sorcerer Sleeve 1
Simple Robe Sleeve
Sorcerer Sleeve 4
Robes Sleeve
Tunic Sleeve
Simple Sorcerer Sleeve
Sorcerer Sleeve 2
Sorcerer Sleeve 3
Rope Belt
Sorcerer Skirt 2
Sorcerer Skirt 3
Bard Pants
Sorcerer Skirt 4
Skirt Wrap
Sorcerer Skirt 1
Thigh High Boots
Tall Sorcerer Hat 4 (vaulted)
Tall Sorcerer Hat 1 (vaulted)
Tall Sorcerer Hat 5 (vaulted)
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 2 (vaulted)
Tall Sorcerer Hat 2 (vaulted)
Rope Belt (vaulted)
Floppy Sorcerer Hat 3 (vaulted)