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Water Elementals

These spirits of water are often enlisted to serve magic users. Can often be found naturally near flowing water.

Customizable monsters to populate your world or throw at your players! Comes with interchangeable parts to allow you to create multiple variations. Each monster comes with default pose presets and is also fully posable using advanced pose mode.

These models was created as part of the TitanCraft Monsters Kickstarter.


  • Unlock assets. Assets become part of your library and are yours forever.
  • Unlimited STL exports. Create and export unlimited 3D printable files using assets you have unlocked. No additional payment required.
  • Kitbashing friendly! Parts can be combined onto other hero or monster models using the All Parts feature.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Asset Pack Savings: You save $4.00 by buying these assets in bulk (rather than individually).
Water Elemental Contents
Water Splash 3
Water Splash 2
Water Splash 1
Water Elemental Wave
Water Elemental Body
Water Elemental Arm
Water Elemental Wave Hand
Water Elemental Hand